Thursdays with Mommy


You’ve heard of “Tuesdays with Morrie?” Well, around my house it’s “Thursdays with Mommy.” I have every Thursday off, so I spend all day with my kids. I used to try and clean the house and do laundry on Thursdays, but my kids wanted me to pay attention to them and we both ended up frustrated. I’ve given up on getting much done, and I spend the day focused on having fun.

The day needs some organization, so every Thursday we do a recipe, a craft and an outdoor activity, weather permitting. My one year old isn’t much help in the kitchen, and it gets a little crazy if you give him a glue stick, so the craft and recipe end up being more for my 3 year old. But the outdoor activity is something we can all enjoy. None of these activities are ever very complicated. The point is to have a good time, not to stress myself out trying to be Super-Mom.

The website Pinterest  is an endless source of inspiration for me, both for crafts and recipes. (Pinterest is by invite only, so if you want an invite, send me your email address and I’ll invite you!) There is no end to the amount of stuff you can make with scrapbook paper, glue and some googly eyes. There are also hundreds of easy and cheap recipes to make with the kids. The goal of the day is not to make or do anything impressive, but to spend time together.

Also, I rarely spend money on Thursdays. I decide on the recipe when I do my grocery shopping on Saturday and have everything I need. We never make anything expensive. Occasionally I’ll buy something special for the craft, but I usually look around my house and figure out a way to use what I already have. I have scrapbook paper scraps, toilet paper rolls, oatmeal canisters, paper bags to finger paint on, etc… I make it a personal challenge to turn trash into treasure (at least in the eyes of a 3 year old).

I will post pictures of our craft and recipe once they’re done. Until then, here are some fall pictures…

undecorated pumpkins on my porch
The Retro Camera app on my phone takes spooky pictures.

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