Veggies Galore

I recently watched the documentary film “Forks Over Knives.” I was utterly astonished by the link between an animal based diet and awful health conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Yes, I already knew red meat was not exactly healthy and should be limited, but I had no idea that dairy seems to produce the same unwanted side effects as meat. It seems that a plant-based diet with very little processed food is the way to go.

 I have had a life long love affair with cheese, but after watching “Forks Over Knives,” I’m committed to cutting most dairy out of my diet. No more eggs for breakfast and no more cheese on top of every dish! I happen to love vegetables, but my husband does not. It’s a challenge to find healthy meals that he will actually eat. My husband grew up in Texas and loves Mexican food so the other night I made a vegetarian Mexican skillet served over brown rice. It was simply black beans, canned tomatoes with green chiles, green pepper, onion and zucchini chopped up and spiced with a package of taco seasoning. I let the veggies cook in the skillet and then served over brown rice. It was delicious and very filling! I will be adding this dish to the meal rotation.

Vegetarian Mexican Skillet

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