What I did with E’s old crib mattress…

E moved up to a big girl bed last year, and since then her crib mattress has been tucked under her new bed. I wanted to find a use for it, and I’ve been seeing reading nooks all over Pinterest. E doesn’t have a “nook” space in her room, but I thought I would make her a little place to lay down and read. I put her old floral pattern crib sheet on with her Barbie pillow and a blanket I got for Christmas in high school.  

She uses it for several activities, reading is usually the least of these! She and Little Brother  jump on the mattress like a trampoline and she uses it for her dolls’  naps. She tucks them in so sweetly; it’s heart-warming to see such a strong maternal instinct in such a little kid. While E’s little reading/play space may not be worthy of Pinterest, it cost me $0 and she enjoys it!

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