Oatmeal Container DIY

I saw this on Pinterest- an oatmeal container turned into an accessory holder.

I made my own version over Christmas break and it was EASY. We’re talking 15 minutes. I got some scrapbook paper I liked, measured and cut it to fit the oatmeal container, then used Mod Podge to glue it on. It took 2 pieces of scrapbook paper to cover the container, so there is an overlap of one page over another. I used the glue on the edges of the paper, not all over the middle. I left the top clear, but you could paint it if you want to.
One more tip: cut the paper a little bit below the top rim of the can. It’s hard to fit the lid over the paper and there’s a risk of the paper tearing if it isn’t glued on just right.
I use mine to hold E’s hair accessories- hairbands around the container and barettes and bows inside. It’s perfect!
Oatmeal container to hair accessory holder!

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