Juice (or Sludge as my husband calls it)

Spinach, Carrot, Apple juice

I recently watched a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” about two men who use juice fasting to radically transform their health. Since both are obese, they go on a juice fast, living on the nutrients from juicing fruits and vegetables. They pretty much age backward 10 years over the course of the movie. It’s rad.

The movie talks a lot about the benefits of raw food and of juicing. Food loses nutrients when it’s cooked, so juicing is an easy way to get nutrient-packed food every day. You couldn’t EAT 2 stalks of celery, one zucchini, one bunch of kale, two carrots and two apples, but you could DRINK them.

I’ve been juicing every day since watching the movie and I feel great. I’m not looking for weight loss, but I am looking for a more nutrient-rich diet. The juice gives me energy and makes me feel amazing. It’s becoming part of my daily routine. And while it does look like swamp sludge, my husband asked me to make him some when he was feeling puny with a cold. His skepticism took a back seat to his desire to get well!

I have been making carrot-apple juice for my kids- one carrot and one apple- and giving it to them with breakfast. The apple makes it sweet and they love it. I’ve been experimenting with everything from kale to cabbage and as long as you toss in an apple, it tastes pretty good. As a health conscious mama, I’m always looking for ways to feed my kids more nutritious and natural foods. Juicing is a perfect way to do this. My kid isn’t going to eat a whole apple and a whole carrot for breakfast, but she loves drinking them!

When I juice, I end up with tons of pulp from the fruits and vegetables. Instead of throwing it out, I’ve been taking it to the barn and mixing it into my horse’s feed. It’s mostly apples and carrots, which he loves, and even though most of the nutrients are gone, the fiber remains and it’s great for his digestive system. The whole family is benefiting from juicing, even the horse!

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