DIY Matching Game for Pre-Schoolers

I decided I needed a fun way to teach Elle her numbers and letters. She knows some of them, but she could improve. I decided to make a matching game. It’s very easy and you can either write the letters and numbers yourself, or print them off the internet. All you need is 4 x 6 index cards. I made a matching game with animal pictures also.

For the numbers and letters game, I just wrote the numbers and letters on index cards. I lay a few out and ask her to find the S, for example. She finds the first S and then finds its’ match. Later on, I’ll turn the letters upside down and make it into a memory matching game.

For the animal matching game, I tried to draw the animals, but my art skills are lacking. I ended up googling “animal coloring pages” and finding animal pictures I like. Then I copied the pictures into a Word document. Next, I went to “Page Setup” under “File” and changed the size of the paper to 4 x 6. Then I fed the index cards into the printer, printed each picture and then colored them a little with markers. Next, I cut the cards in half. To play the game, Elle has to match the two halves of the picture.

She LOVED these games and had fun playing them at the kitchen table. The only cost was a package of index cards!


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