Hunter’s Room

I could look at pictures of kids’ rooms and nurseries all day long. There are so many creative ideas out there; it’s hard to pick just one theme for a kid’s room! When I got pregnant with Baby # 2, I knew I wanted a bright, modern nursery. I also wanted to incorporate some sports things into it because my husband is so obsessed with sports, especially football.  So bright, modern and sporty was my inspiration. Because I am always trying to save money, and because we were not expecting a second baby, I wanted to do a cool nursery on the cheap. Here’s what I did:

1. This wardrobe belonged to my husband when he was a kid, so it was FREE!

2. Crib from Target- This was a gift, so it was also FREE, but I picked the cheapest crib I could find.

3. Rug from Costco- this was only $20! What a steal!

4. Wall Decal- with shipping it was about $40. That was a big expenditure for me, but I liked the athletic feel it gives the room.


5. This is a long story. I bought another decal, but it wouldn’t stick to the wall. So I stuck in on a blank canvas, traced it and painted it. The decal was like $20 plus the cost of the canvas, so about $28.

6. This is an Ikea piece. It cost $35 and I love it. It’s so easy to throw toys in and I love the colors.

7. This little bin came from Goodwill for $2. I adore Goodwill.

The big flat piece of wood came from Elle’s old crib. It was the piece that supported the mattress and I saved it because I figured I would come up with a use for it eventually. I had to throw the crib out because it was one of the kind with the sliding piece that posed a death risk for infants. I couldn’t sell it in good conscience, so I kept the mattress and wooden piece and tossed the rest. Anyway, Hunter got a train set for Christmas, so I put it together and set it up on this wooden piece. It fits perfectly under the crib and I can slide it out for him to play with and then slide it back out of the way. It would work equally well as a racetrack for cars.

8.  Curtains from Ikea- I believe they were $10 per panel. Cheap!

9. This picnic table was built by my good friend’s husband. It was Hunter’s Christmas gift. The kids love it, it looks cute in the room, and in the summer I can take it outside if I want. Cost- FREE!

?- I need to put something on the walls over here. I would like to do some pictures, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. The room is still a work in progress.

And finally, here is a picture Hunter playing in his room. A cute room isn’t any good if you can’t actually have any fun in it!

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