Spicy Thai Lime Bean Dip

This is probably the very first recipe I’ve ever come up with entirely on my own! I was thinking of making a dip out of white beans instead of garbanzos. I wanted something with a Thai flavor to it, because I love Thai food. I concocted this by dumping things into the food processor until it tasted right. It doesn’t look very special, but it tastes amazing!

Spicy Thai Lime Bean Dip

2 cans Great Northern beans (use a little of the liquid to get a smooth consistency)

1 clove of garlic

2 tablespoons of chili paste (this will make it HOT)

Cayenne pepper to taste

Lime juice to taste (Just add lime juice until you get the amount of hot-ness you like. The lime juice cuts the spicy flavor of the chili paste.)



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