Growing my own food…

I have a black thumb. Really, I’ve never met a plant I couldn’t kill. Nonetheless, I decided to attempt a veggie garden this year in my attempt to go green and grow some of my own food. I decided to start with seeds instead of plants because they’re cheaper and I figure maybe if I start with them from ‘birth,’ I’ll figure out best to care for them. Sort of like how it’s easier to adopt a newborn than a 7 year old. Or something like that.

So the kids and I took a trip to the garden store and started our very first family garden.


I’m starting small, just pole beans, zucchini, and peppers. Later I’m going to buy some tomato plants. I also let my daughter pick some flowers.


She was really into helping me plant the seeds and wa actually very helpful and inquisitive.


The seeds are hanging out on my dining room table until it’s time to plant them in the yard. Elle and I are very proud of our garden!

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