Spring/ Summer Family Fun List

At the beginning of every season,  I make a list of activities for my family to do. Some of the things on the list are activities I did as a kid, and some are new things I want to do with my family. It’s nice to have a reference point to help figure out how to spend weekends, days off and free time. I don’t stress myself out about it. If we don’t cross off every last thing, no big deal; there’s always next year. I do enjoy crossing the items off and remembering what a fun time we had as a family!

So here’s my list for Spring/Summer 2012.  Some of the things won’t pertain to you and your crowd, but you can use it as a jumping off point to create your own list. My kids are 3 and 1 so there are a lot of additions that can be made for older kids.

□ Plant a vegetable garden                □ Have an Easter egg hunt

□ Plant flowers in the front yard           □ Go on a nature walk

□ Play with the water table                  □ Build a fairy garden

□ Make a recipe with something we grew in the garden

Make an Easter craft (or 3 or 4!)      □ Make a Spring wreath

□ Do a Spring photo shoot          □ Walk barefoot in the grass

□ Make popsicles       □ Ride bikes outside       □ Swim in the pool

□ Watch fireworks      □ Have a cookout     □ Go to the beach

□ Go for a ride on Pop’s boat     □ Ride Baron (my horse)

□ Get spring/ summer library books    □ Go on a road trip

□ Make a Native American costume to wear to the Pow Wow (We vacation in a small Colorado town that does a Pow Wow for kids every year)

□ Eat watermelon on the back porch             □ Have a picnic

□ Organize a neighborhood 4th of July parade or cookout

□ Pack up and donate winter clothes                  □ Stargaze

□ Make homemade salsa            □ Clean out and donate old toys

□ Do art projects when it’s too hot to play outside

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