Garden Phase 2

I now have peppers, carrots and watermelon in the ground in addition to zucchini and green beans. That’s all I’m going to plant this year since it’s my first garden and I don’t want to get in over my head. I may buy some tomato plants, but that would be the absolute last thing.

I have really enjoyed planting my garden. I like my kids seeing where food comes from and getting their hands dirty helping me plant the seeds. I also feel like I’m making myself less dependent on Big Ag and becoming part of the local food movement. The more I read about how food is produced in this country, the more determined I am to eat locally and to grow at least part of my own food. I want to get back to the days when neighbors shared the overflow from their gardens and people were more in touch with the earth and each other.


This little corner will be home to peppers, carrots and hopefully some watermelons! The black patches are where I dug out the red Georgia clay and filled in the space with potting soil. Wish me luck in my gardening adventure!

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