Dollar Store Finds


I found these sets of card games and magnetic letters for $1 each at the Dollar Tree. They have a big educational section that I never noticed before. I saw a variety of games, workbooks and activities for preschoolers and elementary kids.

My goal for the summer is to teach Elle her alphabet and the sounds for each letter before she starts preschool in the fall. The magnetic letters have been awesome. We have ‘letter time’ almost every day and we do a few letters at a time. She’s picking up the sounds really quickly and she’s started asking what letter is for certain words. Like, ‘What letter is for Mommy?’

My ultimate goal is to have her reading before she starts kindergarten at age 5. You may think I’m an over-achiever, but I’ve been reading a ton about homeschooling and plenty of moms are teaching their kids to read at home. So far Elle has been very enthusiastic about letter time, so I’m going to keep it up.


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