Fairy Garden

I’ve seen fairy gardens on Pinterest, small scale gardens with little plants and sometimes little structures, like a gazebo or park bench. I think they are adorable and they remind me of something you would see in an old English children’s book. They’re also a great intro to gardening for little girls, or boys I suppose, although for boys I would call it a troll garden.

I decided to make one with Elle for a spring project and a way to dress up our front porch. We went to the garden store and found a whole section of tiny plants. I let her choose three. I wanted a tiny tea rose bush, but they didn’t have one. The container was a freebie from a neighbor.


I put in a layer of potting soul and planted the plants. Next, there is an area of my backyard that stays soggy and grows moss instead of grass. I dug up the moss and the top layer of dirt attached to it and put that on top of the potting soil.


The picture above is after it was first planted. All the plants lived, even the moss. I haven’t found any little accessories for the fairy garden, but I’m always on the lookout at the thrift store. Building it was a cheap and easy project and I would recommend it!

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