Back Porch Face Lift- Finished Product

My back porch needed some work. For both aesthetic and practical reasons, I needed to stain it. The wood was getting worn and gross and if I didn’t do something, I would end up having to replace the whole deck. I did the job all by myself and it took eight hours using both a roller and a paintbrush. Let me tell you, this was a BIG job for one person. I see why people pay someone to do this. But, the quote we got was $1500 to sand and stain our deck. I could go on a beach vacation for that much money, so there was no way I was going to pay that. I decided to do it myself.

My husband bought Olympia semi-transparent stain in Cedar. I am so happy with how it turned out and so proud that I did it ALL BY MYSELF. The total cost for staining the deck was about $75 between stain and painting supplies. Way better than $1500!!! We did pay someone to power wash beforehand but I don’t know what my husband paid for that.

We live in Georgia and everyone around here loves the Georgia Bulldogs football team whose colors are red and black.  We have an English bulldog named Roxy, so we are big bulldog fans. My husband brought home these bulldog statues from Home Depot a while ago so I decided to do a red and black theme on the back deck.

We bought the cushions and umbrella a while ago too. The brown chairs and gray table we already had as well. My husband actually arranged them to make a little seating area.

I think flowers and plants always make a space look brighter and more inviting. I had these planters that a neighbor gave me for free, and I finally  got around to planting something in them. I went to the local nursery and looked for colorful and cheap plants. Lots of things were marked down because the big Spring rush for plants is over. The bright green coleus was only 99 cents! I spent $50 at the garden store and that includes the flowers for the containers, two bags of potting soil and four plants I put in my front yard. Plants are expensive, and I would really like to find some people to trade with and do cuttings. That’s the old-fashioned free way.

I used a mix of flowers and herbs because I like the practicality of herbs and the beauty of flowers. I love going out on my back porch and picking something to use in a recipe. Two of the things I planted were cheap and I don’t know what they are!

So that is my back porch make-over. The space is not “Pinterest Perfect,” but I would be proud to entertain here. My family and I spend a lot of time on the back deck and I find it to be a relaxing, peaceful, happy place. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

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