Quality of Life

I think there is a growing grassroots movement in this  country to get back to a simpler, more fulfilling way of life. I see it all around me when couples and families are making different choices than they would have a few years ago. Everything from growing a garden to choosing a smaller, less expensive vehicle; these choices tell me that people are moving away from blind consumerism to a more thoughtful and meaningful way of life. In my own family, we’ve made a move toward ‘slower’ living.  I’m probably more dedicated than my husband, but even he has made choices to simplify our lives and buy less stuff. It’s become much less about keeping up with the Jones’ and more about focusing on what makes us happy regardless of what anyone thinks. Believe me, we are surrounded by the Jones’, but we don’t care so much anymore. I have a feeling they don’t care either.


I have come to really appreciate the simple things in life. For me this is a cool breeze on my back porch, a good cup of coffee, watching my garden grow and, most of all, spending time with my family. I have become very conscious of little things like this and I slow down to take them in. I want to be outside, to live closer to the land. I have no interest in stockpiling a bunch of stuff.


I’ve also developed a new appreciation for the old ways of doing things. I mean growing more of my own food, learning how to can and being more self sufficient. Don’t get me wrong, I love modern living as much as the next girl, but I think some skills should be passed down through generations and not lost to the ease of the grocery store and the drive thru window.


All of that to say that I’m enjoying slow living. It suits me. I take time every day to reflect on how grateful I am that I have such a wonderful life. I have so much more than I need. My kids are safe and well fed, I have a job, I have enough money to pursue my interests. Life is good. I love that I’m taking the time to notice how good it is.

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