How to Build a Fairy House

We came across this book at the library. It’s called “Fairy Houses” and it explains the rules of building a house to attract fairies. Basically, you can’t destroy nature and you can’t use any artificial or man-made materials.

My 3 year old is very into fairies and she’s at such a cool age because she is so imaginative. This kind of activity really captures that imagination. The other day I needed a way to entertain her for a little while , so I suggested that we go outside and build a fairy house. She got so into it. It was fun finding things around the yard and turning them into useful fairy household items. For example, we turned an old shell into a bathtub.

We used sticks to make a roof and a smooth rock to make a kitchen counter. We found acorn caps to use as cups and plates and used fallen leaves for carpet. We used small pieces of quartz to make a walkway.

It was a fun outdoor activity. Next time maybe we’ll add on and build a fairy neighborhood. If you have boys, you could do a troll house!

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