Veggie Spring Rolls

Thanks to Pinterest, I made another deeeeelicious recipe- fresh veggie spring rolls. They are vegetarian, very healthy and not that difficult to make.

The ingredient list is as follows:

1. Rice wraps- from the Asian food section

2. Cucumber- cut into sticks the same way you would do carrot sticks

3.  Carrots- I shredded mine with a veggie peeler.

4. Avocado- sliced

5. Fresh basil leaves

6. Rice noodles – boiled until soft

7. Sweet chili dipping sauce- from the Asian food section. You must have this- it makes the recipe!

The rice wraps are tricky. You have to dip them in hot water to make them soft. I used tongs to immerse them. You have to be careful because they stick to themselves like saran wrap. I had a pot of softly boiling water and dipped them one at a time. I used two sets of tongs to open them up so that they didn’t stick to themselves.  After dipping, I laid one at a time on a plate and filled them with my veggies.

Pile all the fillings in the center and then pull the rice wrap around until it sticks to itself and closes up.

Dip them in the sweet chili sauce and they taste amazing!

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