The $5 Project

Thanks to facebook and other social media, I’m constantly learning about ministries and non-profits that are doing amazing work all over the world. I am already giving to four different non-profits (World Vision, AIM, Rapha House and Love146), but there are so many other good ones that I wish I could contribute to as well. I had the idea of doing a “$5 project.” Basically I’m going to give $5 every week to a charity that I don’t already support monthly. I will do this for an entire year. That’s 52 weeks of giving $5. I won’t even miss $5 a week. It’s one grande caramel latte. $5 x 52 weeks = $260 that I won’t even miss.

Now you may be thinking, “What good is $5 going to do?” It’s a fair question and the answer is “Not much.” Except that I will write about each of those non-profits on my blog which will give them more exposure. It will also put me on the email list so that I can keep up with the work that each charity is doing. (I will NOT be added to the mailing list because I don’t want to cost the non-profit money in the form of postage. Email is free!)

I believe that in order to stay compassionate and concerned, we constantly have to remind ourselves of the need in the world. Otherwise it’s easy to get caught up in American consumerist culture, believing the lie that we are what we own. I know when I go on Pinterest, all of a sudden I have a nearly uncontrollable urge to paint my bathroom and buy new throw pillows and boots and boot socks and craft supplies and, well, you get it. When I look at stuff, I want more stuff. When I look at the need in the world and how much better off I am than many people in the world, even with my outdated throw pillows, it spurs me to do something good, to give more, to be more compassionate and to be thankful. Every time I donate $5, I’ll get on the email list of a new non-profit. My inbox will become a reminder of the ocean of  need as well as the victories of people doing good across the globe.

If you would like to try your own $5 project, please let me know! Who knows, you may come across a charity that grabs your heart so tightly that you decide to give more than $5. Or, you may decide to volunteer your time. Whatever the outcome, you gave $5 to a good cause.

For my next post, I will pick the first non-profit for the $5 project! Feel free to leave suggestions on a worthy organization…

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