Cheap Fall Fun

Fall has been beautiful in Georgia with lots of cool weather and amazing color in the leaves. My husband bought us a family parking pass for all Georgia State Parks for $50 and we’ve been making good use of it. We have been to four different parks, one each weekend, in the last month. We pack a picnic and bring the dog so it’s a day of cheap family fun. We do short hikes, but my kids’ favorite thing is to play by the water.

Some friends of ours own a cabin on a mountain in North Georgia and we got to spend a weekend up there and go to a pumpkin patch. Pumpkin patches are the best backdrop for cute family photos!



I can’t help but think how lucky my family is for so many reasons. We have enough to eat, a nice house, fun toys, steady jobs and the free time to enjoy the beauty of our state. So many people around the world are struggling to survive and feed themselves and their children, or to escape war. I am so lucky and I don’t for one second take it for granted!

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