Did you have a nice Christmas?

I have been neglecting my blog terribly. We had a lovely Christmas, but we ate too much rich food and drank too much alcohol and we all ended up with colds. I wish I could say we had a simple Christmas with no excess and no cheap crap from China. But alas, lots of people love buying toys for my kids and we ended up with a house full of toys, some Simple Southern approved, some not so much. I am thankful for all the people who love my kids so I’m not complaining. But I did make each kid go through all the toys in their room and we took a giant garbage bag to Goodwill.

In some ways we had a very simple Christmas. I didn’t overspend on buying gifts. I bought a few thoughtful gifts for a few special people and that was it. I didn’t buy any little trinkets; every gift was hand picked for the recipient. I also usually feel that I didn’t do enough and at the last minute I spend extra money buying little things to round out my gifts. I resisted that temptation this year and was content with the thought that each gift would be used and appreciated.

I also wrapped things really simply and inexpensively using one cool roll of wrapping paper and old Christmas cards. I love saving Christmas cards and re-using them. They make my gifts unique.

I made homemade bread for a few people I wanted to appreciate instead of buying a gift. I discovered that I really enjoy making bread. There is something so therapeutic about kneading dough. The bread was a big hit. I think homemade bread wrapped in a dish towel will be my standard gift from now on.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!

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