I love resolutions. I always sit down and make a list of what I want to accomplish in the new year and I go back periodically throughout the year and see how I’m doing. I love lists and feelings of accomplishment. I’m a doer, a Martha, a Type A. I’ve never had much self doubt about what I can accomplish; I’ve always been confident, perhaps too confident, that I can create a wonderful life for myself by the sheer power of my will and my work. This year I’m going for a different approach.

On Sunday our pastor asked the question, ‘What are you praying for this year that is so big and so impossible that, if it happens, only God can get the credit?’ At first I couldn’t think of anything. Things are pretty good for me. My family is healthy, we’re employed and we’re not struggling through any major hurdles right now. Life is good.

But then I got to thinking. There are a couple things that have been stirring in my soul. I desperately want to get more involved with anti-trafficking work and with women’s and children’s issues. I started an Atlanta chapter of Women of Vision (www.womenofvision.org) and I want it to get off the ground. I want more opportunities to share about AIM and to be a part of ending child sex trafficking in Cambodia. All of these things are what I think about every day, my heart’s desires. I believe that God put these desires in my heart and that this is more than an interest or hobby. This is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I’ve found that thing that fires my soul and consumes me from within. I’m praying for God to walk me right into my life’s work, to help me figure out the details. That’s a big prayer!

And then I had another thought. Adoption has been on my mind lately. I’ve been researching the foster care system and it just burns me up that so many children grow up without a real home. Orphans are among the most vulnerable children because they have no one to advocate for them, no one to miss them if they’re gone. During this time of being burdened for orphans, I found out that Cambodia has opened their country to US adoptions after a years long ban. Is it coincidence? My husband is adamantly opposed to the idea of adoption. If he were even to consider it, it would be a miracle. So I’m praying that if adoption is for us, my husband’s heart would be softened. It would be a miracle so big that only God could get the credit.

So I’m going to pray for an Asian baby. Worst case scenario I end up with a baby panda!

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