Room for one more…

Adoption has been on my mind lately. I attended a meeting for an orphan care group at a local church and I met several adoptive families of both American and international children. At one point I was talking with a woman and a little Asian girl ran up to her and said, ‘Mama, I need a kiss!’ Something was stirred in me that I don’t know how to describe as anything other than a ‘God moment.’ There were no heavenly choirs singing and no audible voice of God, but I felt something happen in me. This mom and daughter who look nothing alike had such a palpable feeling of family in spite of their physical differences. Some women carry a baby for 9 months and then go through labor. Some women fill out mounds of paperwork and then fly to China. Whatever it takes, we get our babies in the end.

Have you ever looked back at seemingly disjointed events and suddenly seen a thread of connection, as if each thing perfectly followed the last? While it wasn’t obvious at the time, when you look back it’s glaring at you. Adoption might be like that for me. My passion is the fight against child sex trafficking. While doing research on this topic, I read about the correlation between child vulnerability and sex trafficking. You know which children are most likely to be trafficked? Orphans. Both here in America and abroad, children who have no support system, no parents and no one to keep tabs on them are far more likely to fall prey to evil people who will exploit their vulnerability. In America there is a GIANT correlation between children who were in the foster care system who later went on to be trafficked for sex. Some are even trafficked by their foster parents. Horrific, positively horrific.

Additionally, there is a correlation between kids in foster care who later go on to become traffickers. It’s simple. Kids who are abused often either go on to abuse others, or they lack the self-esteem and skills to prevent their own abuse. It occurred to me that the best way to prevent human trafficking is to give a kid a home.

So then I started thinking that someone should be rising up to provide homes for these kids. Whether they foster or adopt, they are making one less kid vulnerable. Then it occurred to me that I could be that someone. My husband isn’t on board, but that’s okay. If my family is meant to add one more, then God is certainly big enough to change my husband’s heart. Right now I am praying that if adoption is for us then doors would blast open and my husband would get on board. Only time will tell.

On the subject of adoption, this is a cool graphic from USC Department of Social Work on adoption in the U.S. I found it over at Rage Against the Minivan.



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