$5 Project – Brighton Their World

Brighton Asher
Brighton Asher

At an orphan care meeting at a local church, I met a couple who adopted two little girls from Ethiopia. Their story doesn’t begin there, however. Their story begins with a newborn boy they never met, never held and never brought home, a little boy named Brighton. This couple decided to adopt from Ethiopia and after months of waiting and mounds of paperwork, they were matched with Brighton. They saw his adorable picture in an email and began preparing to bring him home. Shortly after, he developed pneumonia. They received an email saying that Brighton was not able to fight off his sickness and that he died in the hospital. He only lived for 76 days.

Out of this story came an organization called Brighton Their World, which started as a way for two grieving parents to advocate and fundraise for orphans like the one that never made it home to them. Their biggest focus is providing infant formula to orphanages in the 3rd world. They also spread the word about children waiting to be adopted. This week’s $5 is going to a couple of parents who turned their grief into something good.

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