$5 Project- Real Hope for Haiti

photo from Real Hope for Haiti's website
photo from Real Hope for Haiti’s website

I went to college with a guy whose parents are missionaries in Haiti. They run a ministry called Real Hope for Haiti that is mostly a free medical clinic. They do a lot with severely malnourished children and cases of kwashiorkor, the condition of severe malnourishment that causes the swollen bellies and cracked skin you see on kids who’ve been through famine. Parents bring their kids to the clinic to be fed and cared for until they gain weight.

Their Facebook page is one of my favorites because they post a lot of before and after pictures. They also ask for prayer for kids who come into the clinic near death. They see a lot of awful things, but they do a lot of good as well.

Haiti got a lot of media attention after the 2010 earthquake and a lot of aid money poured into the country. What I like about Real Hope for Haiti is that they were there long before the earthquake and they’ll be there long after. This week’s $5 goes to some folks who have laid down their lives for their friends.


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