Women of Vision

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Once upon a time I was playing on the internet and I came across a women’s group called Women of Vision. They are part of World Vision, the group that is known for child sponsorship and relief and development work. I noticed that they didn’t have a chapter anywhere in Georgia, so I emailed and offered to start one. Shortly thereafter, they flew me to Seattle to attend their annual leadership conference. I met wonderful, like-minded women from all over the country and was impressed at the work these women did on a volunteer basis. They were raising large amounts of money, getting kids sponsored and raising awareness about women’s issues worldwide. I fell in love with Women of Vision and came home ready to start a chapter.

I gathered together all my friends and told everyone I knew what I was trying to start. I found a core group of women who wanted to be a part and together we have formed the North Atlanta Chapter of Women of Vision. We just recently became official and we already have one service project and one fundraiser planned!

We chose Cambodia as our international focus country, and locally we are supporting a group called A.C.T. 24:12 that serves local foster and adoptive families. I am excited about the chance to do some good in the world with other women who are looking for a way to give back. It’s amazing what a few passionate people can accomplish!

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