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Native American Vests from a Paper Bag


We did our first Native American craft this week. Our focus for the summer is learning about the Native Americans. Check out this post for some cool craft ideas.
Craft #1 was vests made out of paper bags. They are ridiculously simple. All you need is a paper bag, a pair of scissors and some paint.


First, cut up the middle of one side of the paper bag. Cut a hole for the neck as shown. Then cut out arm holes on either side.


I let my kids fingerpaint their vests. We looked through a book about Native American art and talked about the different types of patterns and designs used by various tribes. I explained that the Native Americans had to make paint because there were no stores to buy it like there are today. My oldest is four but, if you have older kids, you could go a lot more in depth about how they made paint and the type of designs they used. My 4 year old liked doing her handprints the best. My just turned 3 year old was happy making a big mess. This was a simple, cheap and educational project and it could be modified for older kids as well.

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