Aloha from Hawaii

I’m typing this poolside at the Hyatt in Maui. My husband works for a Fortune 250 company and they do swanky reward trips for their top salesmen. This year my husband qualified and we got four days in Maui on the company dime. Since it’s so far from us on the East Coast, we extended the trip for a total of ten days here.

I am blown away by the beauty here. I’ve always imagined Polynesia to be turquoise water, swaying palms and lush, vibrant vegetation. It’s every bit as magnificent as I imagined. I keep thinking of Captain Cook sailing from dreary old England and pulling up to a South Pacific island. I never would have left if I were him!

Today we drove part of the road to Hana. It’s a winding, scenic drive along the coast. We stopped at a roadside stand for some fresh coconut water. The vendor hacked the top off the coconut and put in a straw. Now that’s my idea of fast  food!
We also did a short hike just off the the road to a waterfall. We didn’t bring our suits, but other people were there swimming in the pool at the base of the falls. The vegetation was unbelievable. Bamboo trees, wild hibiscus, birds of paradise and other flowers I’ve never seen and can’t name lined the trail. It made my forest hikes in Georgia seem terribly tame, I’m afraid.
Just a few minutes ago, I took a dip in the Pacific. I’m a water person. I grew up at the beach and have longed to go back since the day we moved to Atlanta. I’m always trying to talk my husband into moving somewhere on the coast, doesn’t really matter where as long as I can go to the beach. Vacations to the beach are always painful for me because they remind me of what I’ve lost.
When I swam in the ocean a few minutes ago, I can’t describe the elation I felt at being immersed in salt water, feeling waves roll past me and crash onto the shore. There’s nothing like lying in the sun, watching the water drying on your skin and leaving the salt behind. That’s my nirvana; the colors of the water and the waves, and the sound of moving water.

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