Simple Living

Simple Southern Cinderella Party


Elle turned 5 last week and requested a Cinderella party. In the past, I’ve gone all out on her parties, invited a ton of kids and spent too much money. This year I pared it way down. I’m annoyed by all the extravagant parties I see on Pinterest. I feel like it becomes more about the parents’ ego than the kids having a good time, because we all know kids can have a good time with a cake and some Dollar Store balloons. I never once had a themed birthday party and I survived childhood just fine.


I invited the neighbor kids and a couple close friends. We had brisket (because my husband is from Texas), a few sides and punch. We played Pin the Crown on Cinderella, a game I made with blue poster board and a couple sheets of gold card stock. I drew Cinderella free hand while looking at a picture I printed off google images. She actually turned out pretty decent! The only decorations were balloons. I spent $30 on balloons and that was too much. Next year I’ll just buy the plain Mylar instead of the Cinderella ones.


I told the kids they were welcome to wear costumes and they went all out. We had princesses, dragons and knights. My neighbor made Elle’s costume using a pattern she found for free on Pinterest. She is so talented and Elle was stoked! Elle will be Cinderella for Halloween this year too. A dress that cute deserves two occasions.


The cake was made by a man I know from work. We bartered for it, and it was way bigger than I expected. Again, Elle was stoked!


After cake, we all went outside and rode bikes in the cul de sac. We ended with some sparklers left over from the 4th.


It just goes to show that with a little creativity, we can still throw a cute party without emptying the college fund!


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