We are officially homeschoolers!

On Friday, I did it. I de-enrolled my 2nd grade daughter to homeschool her. She is ecstatic. I am ecstatic. We’re finally starting something I’ve wanted to do since she was in kindergarten. She was never very happy at public school. She complained that the other kids were mean, and even though she liked her teachers and had friends, she came home exhausted and stressed out. She would beg me not to make her go to school, and sometimes I would give in. It’s hard watching your child be miserable, especially doing something that I always loved.

Kids are different. My son thrives at public school. He says his best friend is “everyone.” He can’t wait for the class parties and field trips. He loves being around lots of other kids all day. He is a people person. My daughter is not.

My daughter loves learning; she just doesn’t love school. She reads chapter books on her own, picks out books at the library, has an oddly intense interest in George Washington and likes to watch hair and make-up tutorials on YouTube. She is doing something very important that a lot of adults have forgotten how to do. She is teaching herself about things that she is interested in, and thus becoming a lifelong learner.

At school she did not respond well to the high pressure environment. She was required to do¬†math problems with a timer sitting next to her. I wouldn’t like that kind of pressure and neither did she. The curriculum moved very quickly. As soon as she became proficient in one thing, they moved to the next before she had time for real mastery. It’s all about covering the curriculum for the standardized test, checking off boxes of what the state says they have to learn. But my daughter wasn’t learning it very well and she was miserable trying.

Lots of people are skeptical about homeschool. To those people I would say that my child already contains within herself the chief aim of education- the love of learning. I had to pull her out of public school before they ruined that for her.

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