Ancient Egypt Headdress and Armbands

We just finished studying ancient Egypt. This was my daughter’s favorite project from our study, and it’s EASY! It could even double as a Halloween costume.



One brown paper bag


Black yarn

Markers for decorating (we used gold and black sharpies)


Start by cutting out your headdress. I cut from the top edge of the bag, as you can see in the picture. We made ours look like a cobra head, but you can do whatever you want!


Next, have the child decorate the headdress however he or she would like. We looked at a lot of books and websites about ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphics, so Elle got a feel for the aesthetic. We used black and gold sharpies to do our decorating.

While Elle drew on her headdress, I cut black yarn into even pieces for the hair.


Next, she glued the yarn pieces onto the BACK side of the headdress. We simply put down a line of glue and then stuck the yarn on. We also cut another strip from the paper bag and glued that on top of the yarn. I thought that would keep the glue from getting into her hair.


We put long strips all the way across the headdress and then I went back and cut bangs into the front pieces of yarn. Below you can see the back side of the headdress with the bangs cut in and the paper bag strip glued on top of the yarn.


Once the glue was completely dry, she tried on the headdress. I wrapped it around her head and taped it together to make it fit.

For the armbands we used toilet paper rolls. She decorated them with markers and then I cut them from end to end so that they could slip onto her arms. Easy, easy, easy!


The costume came out GREAT and she was stoked! Happy homeschooling to you and your family!

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