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Lawn to Meadow, Step 4- Planting Seed

Here is Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 if you need to catch up! Step 4 was the most fun. We actually got to put seed in the ground. That’s really all there was to it!


All the tiny seeds mixed up together.

We found this video online about how to plant wildflower seed so that it’s distributed evenly. My daughter wanted to scatter the seed so she did the honors.


Afterward, we watered it well and continued to water it daily. Unfortunately, it’s been record high heat here and, even in the shade, I don’t think the little seedlings tolerated the heat all that well. They’re so tiny and fragile.


I’m hoping that they will somehow survive in the ground through the winter and come up again next spring. Only time will tell. I plan on planting more seeds next spring anyway, but it would be nice if this crop of wildflowers at least partially survives and begins my meadow.

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