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My riding skirt came… and it’s wonderful!

For my 40th birthday, I bought myself an expensive piece of outdoor gear, an Arctic Horse riding skirt. I spend a lot of time outdoors caring for the horses in all kinds of weather, and I usually wear a combination of flannel pajama pants, waterproof boots, and some form of rain jacket or winter coat on top. I look like a ragamuffin all winter, or else I wear something nice looking and freeze the whole time because it’s not warm or waterproof enough. I bought the riding skirt to ride in and to do barn chores and hike in. It’s fully waterproof (not water resistant), and it looks nicer than pajamas.

Olaf and me on the skirt’s maiden voyage

It came in the mail and I started wearing it immediately. It rained just a couple days after it came, so I got to test it out in heavy rain while feeding the horses. It’s even better than I had hoped. I stayed dry and warm and looked pretty cool too. Here’s a YouTube video of that day.

This is the review I sent to Arctic Horse…

I stalked your website for a year before finally buying my skirt. I read your blog, looked at all the pictures of cool girls in their skirts looking so beautiful, cozy and dry. We had a miserable, wet winter where I live (north of Atlanta) and I wished a thousand times while doing barn chores that I had one of those skirts. I decided I wasn’t going to go another winter without one, so I ordered an in-stock Tongass rain skirt. It doesn’t get all that cold here in Atlanta, but it does rain a lot. I bought the skirt as much for barn chores as for riding. In the winter I wear flannel pajama pants tucked into boots to the barn because they’re the warmest, but I look like a ragamuffin. The skirt will be a massive improvement. I’ll actually look nice at the barn!
I also do a lot of winter hiking in all kinds of weather, and my legs are always cold. I have a warm down jacket for my top, but my legs freeze with nothing but workout pants. I plan to wear it hiking all winter. When I go backpacking, it can double as an extra blanket at night.
I’m already in love with my skirt. It’s well made, and I can tell that you thought through all the design features very carefully. It’s easy to mount and dismount because of the snaps. The zipper in both directions allows me to take it off and put it on very easily, and to adjust it once I’m sitting on my horse. I love the extra give in the waist because I can wear it with or without a big coat tucked in.
My favorite thing about it is the HUGE pockets! It’s worth $200 to be able to easily access my phone while riding so I can take pictures on the trail! Before the skirt I was wearing a dorky fanny pack with horse treats, a pocket knife and my phone. All of that fits into the pockets on my skirt with room to spare!
In addition to being practical and really, truly waterproof, it feels great to ride in. I wear it in 65 degree weather because it’s just fun to wear (and those pockets!). I rank this skirt right up there with the best, most practical outdoor gear I’ve ever bought. Thank you, cool chicks from Alaska!

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