A Very Falcons Thanksgiving

My husband loves football more than anything in the world (almost), and since we live in Atlanta now, he is a Falcons fan.

This year the Falcons played on Thanksgiving Day, which is unusual. My husband has a whole group of people that he tailgates with, and they do it up right with good food and tents and heaters and TVs and generators.

They take their tailgating very seriously, and they weren’t about to miss out on the chance to throw a full-on Thanksgiving dinner down at the stadium. That is how I ended up in downtown Atlanta at the Falcons game for Thanksgiving this year.

I wasn’t very happy about it at first, I admit, but my husband was so excited and assured me that I would get all my favorite foods, wonderful company and a fun, family atmosphere. Plus football! I decided to make the best of it and embrace Falcons Thanksgiving.

It ended up being fine, not my favorite, but fine. My husband had a blast, and my kids had fun playing on the super modern playground at the tailgate lot. There were plenty of other kids to hang out with.

The food did not disappoint. Everyone brought their favorites, all the staples plus some unusual extras, like chitterlings (pronounced ‘chitlins’) a common dish among poor folks in the South in the old days. That particular dish is one of many examples of how people used to use the WHOLE animal, every single part, because they could not afford to do otherwise. In this case, it’s the small intestine of a pig. It’s a more ethical way of living, for sure, but I still did not try the chitterlings!

Altogether I would say that Falcons Thanksgiving was a success because we had a large, diverse group of people who came together to share a meal, give thanks, and hate on the New Orleans Saints. It is the South after all, and we are serious about our football!

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