The No Spend Year Update

Turns out the no spend year is quite anti-climactic. I don’t spend a lot of money, and I haven’t found it difficult to curb what little I do spend. I’ve stayed out of the stores, haven’t gone to Goodwill just for fun, and I haven’t let myself do any shopping on Amazon for things I don’t absolutely need.

I have bought clothing for my kids, and I did cheat once and buy a two dollar T-shirt at Goodwill for myself. I went to Goodwill to look for clothes for my daughter. She likes dresses, and goodwill has a whole wall full of dresses for her to choose from.

It turns out I spend my money mostly on practical things. I buy horse feed and hay, I put gas in my truck, I buy groceries, and I pay for my kids’ activities.

I do some impulse buying every now and then. I think of something that would be nice to have and I go online and purchase it. I must not be addicted to shopping though, because I have not found it difficult to stop doing that. This challenge turned out to be a non-challenge, because I have not had any trouble adhering to it!

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