Life and Moving Update

We are under contract on our Georgia house and I’m praying that everything goes smoothly with the sale. We’re already packing up and getting ready to move into a rental, where we will stay for 2 months until we can get into our house in NC.

It’s all going to Goodwill!

My son is already in NC with my mom, staying with her for the summer and planning to start school there in August. He tells me he isn’t homesick and has no interest in coming back to Georgia. He says he’s already started his new life on the island. By the looks of it, he’s telling the truth!

Hunter and my brother’s dog, June

I’ve been purging my house, taking things to Goodwill and selling some things online as well. When I was in my 20s I moved cross country several times and I became something of a minimalist out of necessity. I don’t have a lot of emotional attachment to things. I love giving things away, I don’t like having a lot of stuff, and I feel like material things weigh me down. My husband, on the other hand, is practically a hoarder. He has SO MUCH STUFF. Our NC house is HALF the size of our Atlanta house, so a massive amount of purging is necessary. That’s the fun part. The not so fun part is the actual packing of all the stuff we keep.

Everything is a big mess.

I’ve been thinking about the move and what I’m most looking forward to about being back in a my hometown, a tiny place, basically a sandbar off the coast of North Carolina. The whole time I’ve lived in the suburbs, I’ve been drawn to people who are living “alternatively,” whether that’s on a sailboat or an off grid homestead or in a tiny house. Because I was fundamentally unhappy with my life in the ‘burbs, I got a lot of enjoyment out of reading about people who were living very different from the mainstream. I fantasized about selling everything and moving to a remote, exotic location, or putting my family on a sailboat and starting off around the world. I don’t know anything about sailing, but it was a fun fantasy.

I feel like that fantasy is coming true now. Even though we’ll still be living in a regular house with regular jobs, we’ll be on a tiny island far from the convenience of the city. The nearest Walmart will be an hour and a half away. Costco is three hours. We’ll deal with hurricanes and tide in our yard. We’ll live closer to nature out of necessity. We’ll be living where most other people vacation. They’ll hustle back to the city when the hurricanes blow in, but we’ll stay. You may think I’m romanticizing it, but I’m not. I grew up there. I’ve sat through many a hurricane, watched four feet of tide come up and the wind blow so hard I wondered how the house was still standing. I know what it is to live on a sandbar, and I love it. It’s real.

Bitsy loves the beach just as much as me.

I feel like growing up on Hatteras Island ruined me for “normal” life. I’ve never been happy in metro Atlanta. I’ve hated it here from minute one. Even though Atlanta is a beautiful city and the suburbs are some of the most prosperous and fasting growing in the U.S., it’s not for me. Whenever I drive now and I’m sitting in traffic surrounded by big box stores and fast food chains, where every street is a carbon copy of every other street because the same franchises are everywhere, I think how happy I am that I don’t have to live here anymore. I am gleeful that I don’t have to do this anymore! I get to live somewhere quiet and quaint, at least in the winter, and when the tourists invade in the summer, it still isn’t anything like a normal rush hour in Atlanta.

I’m just so, so happy and so, so thankful that this is finally happening. I’m finally the one making big changes to my life, and pursuing my dreams. After all the reading about other people doing interesting things with their lives, I am the one making major changes. It feels GOOD!

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