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Baron’s 1st Trip to the Beach!

I’ll be doing a longer post soon about the logistics of owning a horse on an island, but I wanted to share these pictures of Baron’s first time visiting the beach. I trailered about 10 minutes from my barn and walked him over the dune onto the beach. We walked until we found an empty stretch and then I introduced him to the water.

Back in Georgia I used to board at a barn that was 2 minutes from a lake and we used to take the horses swimming all the time. Baron loved it. He would wade right in and go so deep that the water covered his back. He would swim and blow bubbles and literally groan with the pleasure of weightlessness in the water.

Lake water is still though. There aren’t waves. It isn’t dynamic. The ocean is a whole different ball game, and I didn’t know how he would react. I walked with him for this first trip. Next time I’ll ride.

At first he was scared of the waves coming toward him. He was curious, but as soon as the wave got close, he would leap backward. He actually knocked me down into the water at one point. That was fun, since I was wearing jeans and boots (insert eye roll here)! His curiosity got the best of him though and he started to get his feet wet. By the end he had gone in up to his belly. I know that eventually he will love going for a swim! Oddly enough, this is the same horse who used to have a panic attack about being asked to walk through a mud puddle. Turns out he really likes water after all!

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