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Paddleboarding Hatteras

On Saturday morning my brother and I did an early morning paddle in the sound from my house to his house, about 3 miles. We could hear the surf pounding in the ocean, but the sound was slick calm and glassy. Even at the end of October, the temperature was in the 70’s and it made for a beautiful, peaceful way to start the day.

Hunter came along and my chihuahua, Bitsy, doesn’t like to be left behind so I brought her too. She got a chance to wear her new life jacket.

Nature sightings include blue herons, egrets, jellyfish and a small southern sting ray!

Enjoy these pictures of our trip!

Setting off from the dock
Paddling down the creek to the sound.
The soft light of sunrise.
Hunter chills while I do all the work.
Sunrise over the village.
Hunter got brave and stood up on the board.
Hatteras Village in the background.
Hunter and Bitsy relaxing.
Back at Andy’s house. Bitsy’s life jacket comes with a convenient handle!
I went home and enjoyed a refreshing homemade limeade!

It was a great way to start the morning on the sandbar!

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