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December Kayaking Adventure

When it’s 70 degrees in mid December and you live on an island, you go kayaking! My son and I got the kayak out for a quick trip in the Pamlico Sound this weekend.

We have some friends with a soundfront house and they are kind enough to let us use their dock. It’s just across the street from our house, so it’s quick and easy to put in and be off!

Very shallow in some places!

This is what I did as a kid- explored the island. I’m 41, so I got to grow up before kids were inundated with devices and video games 24/7. I played outside in all kinds of weather, usually unsupervised, and I explored all over this little island of mine.

There are still plenty of places left to explore, and one of the main reasons I wanted to move here is so that my kids could go outside and roam around like I did.

I remember how much I enjoyed finding little tucked away places, especially little beaches and nooks of the forest where no adults were interested in going. To this day I enjoy that feeling of discovery, of finding something hidden. I like being the first one to put footprints in the sand.

On this trip we paddled less than a mile away from my front door, and still found great places to explore, trees to climb and beaches to walk on.

We found a giant fish head floating in the sound. Based on the size, I thought it must be a Goliath grouper, but my dad (the fish expert) said he wasn’t sure. It was about a foot and a half high with an eye socket the size of a tennis ball.

I love the contrast of the sound to the ocean. It’s a more harsh and stark beauty, especially on a calm day when the surface of the water is like glass and the sky is a troubled blue.

It’s a different kind of beauty than the straightforward eye candy you get at the beach. Maybe it’s because I grew up here, but to me it’s every bit as beautiful as the ocean.

We also got rained on and saw a double rainbow. We paddled around, sang Christmas carols very loudly since no one was around, and had a great time together. Just another day in home sweet Hatteras!

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