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King goes to the beach!

King the foster horse has gained enough weight that I feel good about letting him do some exercise. I wouldn’t ride him yet, because his back end is still weak, but he can go on walks with no problem.

Still has weight to gain, but looking much better overall.

This morning I took him and Baron to the beach with the plan of ponying King off of Baron. Ponying is riding one horse and leading the other. It takes some practice for sure. Both horses have to learn to keep pace with each other, and I have to get the hang of holding both reins and a lead rope. It can be a comedy of errors, and at some points it was, but it’s a great way to exercise two horses at once and they both enjoy having a buddy along.

Me and the boys.

Let me start off by saying that King needs to quit being so perfect. He’s going to be a hard one to let go. Nothing phases him, he’s so agreeable and he has such a sweet personality. He hops right on the trailer, doesn’t bat an eyelash at all sorts of spooky things, and behaves like a gentleman pretty much all the time. Today he walked quietly beside Baron, and even though we were a little disorganized at times, King never tried to pull away or do anything stupid. He was just happy to be going on a walk with his buddy.

King adores Baron and Baron is annoyed.

Baron was annoyed, as Baron usually is. He does not like a change in his routine. He is the most persnickety horse I’ve ever met. He likes everything just so. He didn’t like it when King walked faster than him and got ahead. He didn’t like it when King crossed in front of him and forced us to circle around to straighten out again. He didn’t like it when King got too close. But he tolerated it very well, and for that I’m thankful.

King has happy ears and Baron has annoyed ears.

We need more practice for sure, but all things considered, they were both delightful. They were both calm and did what I asked. It was probably funny to the people on the beach to hear me say, “Baron, you have to walk faster! King, stop biting your brother!” There was a lot of exasperating sighing, but we survived. I kept ahold of both horses and didn’t get dumped, so we’re going to call that a win.

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