Horse Girls Christmas Party 2021

When I lived in Georgia, I used to host a Christmas party for my horse friends. Usually we would have cocktails and make homemade horse treats. We continued that tradition here but held the party at one of my lesson kid’s grandparents’ house. They have a big kitchen and a beautiful home!

Horsey decorations!

First, we made our horse treats. We have a very scientific and precise recipe. You put oats and flour into a bowl and then add molasses little by little until the dough sticks together but isn’t too gloopy. Then you roll the dough into balls, smush the balls, and top with a peppermint candy.

We baked at 300 for about an hour until the cookies were hard. This makes them hard enough to stick in your pocket without breaking apart, and the horses like the crunch!

They should look like this before going in the oven.

We also watched this movie on YouTube, “The Island Project” by English horse trainer Emma Massingale. She has delightful videos about force free training, and she has a menagerie of horses, minis, donkeys and mules. In this movie, she spends a month on an uninhabited island off the coast of Ireland with her herd of Connemara ponies. Four of them are already trained to do liberty work, and she trains the other two while on the island. It’s a short film, about 50 minutes, but it’s very well done and full of beautiful scenery and footage of the ponies.

This is how they look when they come out!

My entire life revolves around horses. I spend a lot of money and time on them, but I’m rewarded in so many ways. I have a wonderful community of horse people here on the island and back in Georgia, and I never would have met most of them if not for horses. Some of them ride, some just like the horses and want to encourage their children to ride. Some just think my donkey is hilarious. But it’s the horses that brought us all together. Our little Christmas party was so fun, and such a wholesome thing for teenage girls to be doing, considering the other options they have nowadays!

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