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The One Thing Money Can’t Buy- it ain’t love.

Social media is one of my favorite topics. I love to hate it. I got off of all social media this year and instantly felt happier and more content. I would highly recommend deleting your Facebook and Instagram to anyone who asks. There were a few reasons I kicked social media to the curb, but… Continue reading The One Thing Money Can’t Buy- it ain’t love.

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Outdoor Adventure for Ordinary People

I read a lot of books and listen to several podcasts about the outdoors. It seems that in order to get any attention in the world of adventure storytelling, you have to be epic. You have to climb Everest one-handed with no oxygen tank and lose two toes to frostbite, or ice skate across Antarctica… Continue reading Outdoor Adventure for Ordinary People

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Backpacking with a Donkey… Why?!?

I bought an unhandled, ungelded donkey for $75 off Craigslist and I’m planning on teaching him how to carry a pack and taking him backpacking with me. That’s kind of an unusual thing to do, not everywhere in the world but definitely in my little neck of the woods in North Georgia. I’ll give you… Continue reading Backpacking with a Donkey… Why?!?